Overview: The History and Progress of The Wordvested Audio Bible

Last updated: 10/19/2021

The Wordvested Audio Bible is a work in progress.

The original inspiration for creating an audio Bible came around August of 2019. Work on the site began in September of 2019 and recording began somewhere in late November or early December of the same year.

On this page, you can quickly see an overview of the entire project and its current progress.

The text of this red-letter edition Bible is complete, and all pages are in place. Anyone can read the entire AV 1611 King James Bible on wordvested.org right now.

The following color codes indicate whether the audio portion of each individual book is complete, incomplete, working, or still to come:

A Brief History

In the early days of this project, while learning about the art of voiceover, recording equipment, editing and workflow, I experienced more than a few difficulties that could not be overcome in post-production. 

Among many obstacles that needed to be overcome were background noise, workflow, recording mistakes, and editing errors. The first 8 books I recorded were so error-ridden, I had to scrap them and start over.

Early on, I edited raw data. That prohibited me from correcting anything I had already completed. I failed to keep a copy of the original, raw recordings! When multiple errors were discovered, starting over from scratch became the only option.

It was all part of the learning process.

Now, progress is more steady. I have learned a lot about creating audiobooks along the way. And, I’m still learning.

This page is useful to me, and maybe to you too. You can also click each title to go to the page where that book resides.

Completed Books:

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New Testament:

Currently Working on:

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